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The Right Questions to Ask International Women

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International DatingAsk the right questions when dating international women.

Dating is the modern human’s version of the mating game. At its core, its purpose is for people to find compatible long term partners. When dating international single girls, it’s important to ask the right questions because international dating in itself is complicated.

Many couples rush into relationships thinking that love alone will get them by. It may be a surprise to know that there are couples who marry without ever having had a serious conversation. It almost never ends well for them.

Part of good communication is knowing what each of you deserve to know, what questions to ask, and when to ask them. Dating foreign women requires a special level of sacrifice. The logistics alone of marrying a foreign woman are complex, and this will take both time and effort to thoroughly map out.

Timing is all too important. Asking immoderate, deep questions on the first date may result in there not being a second date. At the same time, if your relationship is getting serious, you might need to know a few things before you make life-changing decisions. To help you figure out if the two of you are compatible for a long-term partnership, here are a few questions you may need to ask your foreign date:

  1. What values do you look for in a man?
    Ultimately, compatibility doesn’t just mean that you both like the color red or that you both leave out the crust when eating pizza. Values are the ultimate arbiter of whether both of you have what it takes to make it through life together.
    Does she value money over loyalty? Family over career?
    Knowing these is imperative if you want to have any kind of meaningful, lasting relationship.
  2. Where do you see yourself in five to ten years?
    Is she a planner or is she drifting along in life? People who know what they want in life tend to be more secure and capable of handling hardship. This also allows you to find out if you have a place in her future life.
  3. What can’t you live without?
    This question helps you see who and what is important to her and what she doesn’t want to let go of. If there is something in particular that will lead to a clash of interests, knowing more about it can help you go into solution mode rather than suffering through it.
  4. What’s on your bucket list?
    Aside from giving you a checklist of future things to do together, it gives you an idea of what she wants out of life. Whether it’s traveling to 50 countries or eating exotic foods, when it’s all said and done, you get to plan together for a life without regrets!
  5. What are your happiest memories?
    Creating beautiful memories with the woman you love makes life worth living. Knowing the things that create lasting moments for your partner will help you in your future married life. It also gives you an insight into whether this lady has baggage. Knowing that before making permanent decisions will be critical to your relationship.
  6. What are your thoughts on family?
    Family matters of all sorts are unavoidable throughout all stages of a relationship. When you marry someone particularly from a traditional culture, you are basically marrying her family as well. Family talk could also mean your thoughts on having children. Having a clear understanding with your partner on these matters is crucial to having a solid, lasting marriage.

Questions You Need To Avoid Asking

Some things are better left unsaid. Sometimes it’s a matter of timing. Some questions are downright rude. Don’t be mistaken, in a relationship, honesty and open communication are important. If done properly, you two can and should talk about anything and tell each other anything. Unless you’ve earned her trust, you’re better off avoiding these questions:

  1. How many men did you sleep with?
    A woman is entitled to her past and her privacy. Not only is this question invasive, but it’s also a loaded question that leads to no good answer, and it will even come off as judgemental no matter the dating culture. Better leave this question off your list.
  2. Your place or mine?
    International women coming from more conservative cultures might take this the wrong way. While some dates can get intimate fast, understand that quick hook-ups are taboo in many conservative cultures. Best to let the lady take the lead on this one.
  3. Who’s your pretty friend?
    Your date may be chaperoned by her best friend or perhaps her sister. A word of advice: keep your eyes solely on her. You don’t want to give off playboy vibes, so ignore every other woman in the vicinity.
  4. How much money do you make?
    Money matters are all too important in a relationship. However, when getting to know a lady, especially a foreign one, asking this on the onset can come off as materialistic and superficial. Don’t let her feel that her worth is determined by how much money she makes. It’s best to let her volunteer that information.

At the end of the day, honest and open communication is at the center of a healthy, rock-solid relationship. Some questions need to be asked, and some questions need to be answered. At the same time, conversations have to be both thoughtful and sensitive.

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Newest, beautiful, single women now added for week of Wednesday, 17 July, 2024 - Tuesday, 23 July, 2024
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