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All About Asia | Its Rich History, Diverse Culture, Scenic Locations, and Gorgeous Women

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International DatingLearn all about Asia - its history, culture, and women.

You already know that Asia is the world’s biggest and most populous continent. With over 4 billion people, Asia is also known to have the most diverse culture. Understanding the history and culture of Asia is interesting as different regions of the continent have their own unique story.

Asian countries vary greatly in terms of ethnic groups, cultures, environments, economics, historical ties, and government systems.

The different regions of Asia - North Asia (Siberia), Central Asia (the ‘stans), Western Asia (the middle east or near east), South Asia (Indian subcontinent), East Asia (Far East), and Southeast Asia (East Indies, Indochina) - are the birthplace of a number of global influences. Most of the world’s mainstream religions originated in Asia.

Aside from the cultural diversity in Asia, the continent is also known to have one of the biggest economies in the world, dating back to when China mystified Western nations with its wealth and prosperity.

The famous Silk Road became the main trading route between Asia and the West, and it opened up another dynamic in global trade. Up to this day, Asia has exhibited itself as a major economic giant, particularly East Asia.

Culture and traditions play an important part in Asian society. Even with the influence of foreign culture, the unique and defining cultures of Asian countries remain resilient. These cultures can be observed in various day to day activities. Understanding Asian women would definitely require you to have a basic understanding of their culture. As such, the following are some important facts about their culture that you ought to know about:


Food is the center of any country’s culture. In Asia, the diversity of food creates a unique identity for different countries. There is, however, one staple that defines all Asian cuisine, and that staple is rice. Rice has played a big part in Asia’s food culture and you can find rice just about anywhere in the continent.

Noodles are another popular Asian food. Like rice, you can basically find it anywhere, especially in the Southeast and Eastern parts of the continent. Different versions of noodles can be experienced in different parts of Asia. For example, Pho is a popular noodle soup in Vietnam, while in Japan, they have ramen and soba. In Korea, spicy noodles are the trend.

Roasting is also a famous method of cooking scrumptious delicacies in Asia. The Philippines is known for its slow-roasted pig called Lechon. The dish is prepared by slow-roasting a whole pig on a spit in an open charcoal fire. The process is traditionally done by manually rotating the spit, which can take hours to complete. In China, slow-roasted Peking duck is their specialty. While this delicacy is mouth-wateringly delicious, it can be so expensive that you can only experience the best Peking duck in the most luxurious restaurants and hotels.


In Asia, marriage customs and its culture and traditions define its people. In some Asian countries, marriage begins by paying a dowry. The dowry is “paid” by the bride’s family to the groom in exchange for his proposal. This tradition began as an assurance that the groom will take care and provide for the bride.

Unlike in a traditional US wedding where the bride pays for the majority of the wedding expenses, in Asia, it is the groom who shoulders all the expenses. However, due to the changing times and the modernization of society, sharing the load has become widely accepted.


Cultural differences in Western and Asian communities are not surprising. While Western culture allows its women to be more liberal, Asian culture dictates its women to be more reserved. This is why most Asian women you will meet are generally shy and submissive. In order for you to get to know an Asian woman better, you will need to learn and understand her culture.

Asian Women in Love and Relationships

Hitting it off with her is only half of the journey, if you want to build a relationship with an Asian woman, you will need to understand the Dos and Don’ts of her culture. An example of this is the PDA, or public display of affection. While this is okay in most Western countries, in Asia, it is highly frowned upon.

You should also learn about the importance of family. When dating an Asian woman, you are basically dating her whole family as well. This does not mean that you should follow whatever her family says, you just need to know how to deal with them in a positive manner.

Communication is also vital in relationships with women in Asia. Although divorce is an option some Asian countries have for separation, the majority of married couples in the continent would usually try to make marriages work. It is important to keep communication open to make sure that you and your partner are on the same page.

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Newest, beautiful, single women now added for week of Wednesday, 17 July, 2024 - Tuesday, 23 July, 2024
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