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International Dating Culture

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International DatingLearn how international dating culture can impact your relationship.

"One who fishes in shallow waters limits the kind of fish he can catch."

- Matshona Dhliwayo

Have you ever felt hopeless to the point that you thought you would never find the right woman to marry? Have you ever considered yourself too old-fashioned for the ladies in town? Or perhaps you have this lingering notion that the current dating culture has moved so far past you that you are destined to live the rest of your life in solitude?

It’s at this point that you should consider expanding your dating horizons and getting into international dating.

With the dizzying pace that social media has set, especially with a modernized Western dating culture, many men are looking beyond international waters for a long term relationship.

Dating and courtship as a whole have plot elements that play out universally across all cultures. Man likes woman. Man asks woman out. Woman either likes man or rejects man with utter impunity.

As basic as it sounds, the secret to successful dating in any country is in the sauce. Chemistry is what it’s all about. If you are the salt to some Ukranian woman’s pepper, then consider booking yourself on the next tour to Kiev.

Keep in mind that dating foreign women first requires an understanding of their background and culture. The wonderful thing about the dating cultures in countries within Asia, Eastern Europe, and Latin America is the heavy reference to tradition and orientation to family. It’s for this reason that many foreign women make excellent long term partners and wives.

However, just because you fancy yourself a fine, desirable bachelor does not make a connection with a foreign woman automatic. To charm a foreign lady requires special consideration and respect for her culture.

The great news is that doing your homework gives you an advantage, and with some effort, you could be in a position to be very attractive to potential foreign partners. Here are some insights towards international dating cultures:

Dating Culture in Asia

With few exceptions, Asians have probably the most traditional, conservative, and least adventurous dating practices on earth. Compared to Western countries, family and honor take priority over an individual.

Ironically, while Asian countries like China are leading the world with technology and research, women are still mainly socially conservative. So what are some traits that are definitive of their dating cultures?

Family takes precedence, so when asking an Asian girl out, figure out her family’s position on dating and courtship.

Asian women are also less likely to be publicly affectionate. While holding hands isn’t an issue with most, kissing and other overt displays of affection might be out of the question.

Asian women value femininity, and it shows. They tend to be more submissive to their male partners and take their roles for caring for family members seriously. In Asian culture, this isn’t meant to be demeaning. They find honor in caring for their family.

Virginity is still viewed through an old-school lens, so you might want to tread lightly on that issue.

Despite the heavy conservative influence, this doesn’t mean Western men are at a disadvantage. In many ways, it’s quite the opposite.

In countries like China, more and more women are looking to date foreign men simply because of the gap in the dating market. Chinese men are choosing not to date women who earn more than them, of which the number is increasing by the day. This is leaving many otherwise successful Chinese women partnerless and wanting.

Asian men tend to date their own. A Thai man will find Thai women most attractive. A Filipino man will be most comfortable dating a Filipino woman.

Asian women are not as narrow-sighted, and are open to dating foreign men.

All this indicates the ever increasing opportunity for foreign men to find single Asian women who are willing to marry outside of their demographic. With the added fact that Asian women are some of the sweetest, most loyal, and family-oriented women in the world, it’s no surprise Western men choose to set East in search of love.

Dating Culture in Eastern Europe

As far as dating goes, Western men are beginning to take notice of Eastern European countries like Russia and Ukraine. It’s near impossible to generalize the European dating culture as a whole since the culture varies as you move West to East. For men seeking to date foreign European women, these are the places to look into.

If you find yourself in pursuit of a beautiful Russian lady, understand that women there look for a certain standard in their men.

Being a man in the dating game means you need to have some old-fashioned traits in you. You need to be able to provide. You are expected to pay during a date. You are expected to show some class and be a gentleman.

Eastern European women are well educated and can hold their own in an intellectual conversation. They absolutely take care of their bodies. They can and will doll themselves up given the opportunity, so dating one of them requires you to be on top of your game.

Online dating apps and sites are commonly used, and with them, scams and fake profiles abound. Just be careful about who you go out with.

Additionally, your dates may take a more Western approach, like going to restaurants, cafés, and bars. Since you are still in Europe, you may enjoy culturally rich avenues like music, plays, and sports.

While closer to Western women compared to the rest, Eastern European women are more traditional when it comes to family, as many prefer to settle down and start a family.

Dating Culture in Latin America

Latin American women are generally conservative due to their heavy Catholic influence, so you can expect pretty much the same good old family values.

An interesting thing about Latin American women is how passionate they are when it comes to love and relationships. Dance, drama, music - elements of definitive Latin passion. Sure, just because you have two left feet doesn’t mean you can’t get a Latina girlfriend. But dancing and grooving with your stunning Latina date to the rhythm of Latin music is an experience money can’t buy.

Latina women are feminine, but very expressive. The relationships are so passionate that they seem to be straight out of a telenovela. While Latino men love their own women, many Latinas are open and willing to date white men.

Wherever in the world you choose to find love, know that part of the adventure is learning about the culture, and more specifically, the dating culture. There are so many opportunities to find women who love family, are loyal, and embrace their femininity. The key is to be open-minded and adaptable. If you would like a headstart in finding a foreign date, sign up with International Dating to meet beautiful foreign ladies!

Newest, beautiful, single women now added for week of Wednesday, 22 May, 2024 - Tuesday, 28 May, 2024
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