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International Marriage Culture

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Companies like International Dating have made interracial marriage possible. What used to be a difficult undertaking is now more accessible than ever. In fact, numbers show that cases of interracial marriages have been rising in recent years.

With international marriage comes various challenges related to citizenship and culture. As the rate of intercultural marriages increases, International Dating is finding more and more ways to break these barriers.

Different marriage cultures and cultural identities are some of the biggest challenges and will often require constant adjustment even years into the marriage. There are benefits to a multicultural marriage, but these can only be enjoyed when cultural barriers are broken down.

To better understand the culture of international women, it is best to first understand their marriage culture. Marriage cultures around the world are often influenced by the traditions and values that people hold most dear.

Marriage Culture in Asia

The marriage culture in Asia is very much influenced by their upbringing. Women choose to adhere to their traditional customs. In the Philippines, for example, the tradition of asking for a woman’s hand in marriage from the parents, also known as Pamamanhikan, is still prevalent today. In fact, this culture is usually the very first time both families of the man and woman get together in the woman’s home and discuss the details of the wedding.

In Thai culture, especially in traditional Buddhist weddings, there is a period of engagement known as thong mun. This is when the prospective groom gives gifts to the bride and her family. A unique tradition in Thai engagements is that the groom’s best friends are usually the ones asking the bride’s parents for her hand in marriage. When setting a date to marry, Astrologers are also consulted.

Although modern marriage culture is slowly taking over the stringent Chinese wedding customs, traditional practices will always be observed. The Chinese tea ceremony is similar to the Pamamanhikan of the Philippines. This ceremony is also usually the first time both families meet each other. During the ceremony, details of the marriage are usually discussed over tea.

One personality trait of marriages in Asia is that Asian women are loyal and very committed. Although divorce is an option available to couples in a marriage, most Asian brides prefer to work on the marriage instead of parting ways.

Marriage Culture in Eastern Europe

Ukrainian wedding traditions are not just parties, but a complete set of rituals that symbolizes a strong foundation of the newly-wedded couple. With that being said, it boils down to certain actions like singing of different songs and dancing. All of these entangle a deep cultural sense for every individual in Ukraine.

Almost all women alive believe that the main purpose of their womanhood is to be a wife, give birth to children, and commit themselves to their very own family. Women in Ukraine grew up with the thought that maintaining one’s career is essential. However, as they intensely value family, they are more than ready to give up whatever they have and do for living if it puts their family’s sake at risk. For them, nothing else is more important than family.

Most Russian women marry in their mid twenties. Some would choose to live together unmarried, but a legal marriage is still ideal for Russian culture. In modern culture, Russian women aren’t in a complete rush to get married as they did years back. Most Russian women prefer to get a good education, find a decent job, and be independent. By the time they are ready for marriage, they are usually financially stable.

Russian women are known to be very familial. Russian families go beyond the husband and wife, extending relationships towards parents, siblings, and even grandparents.

Marriage Culture in Latin America

In Latin America, marrying the bride also means marrying her family. Often in relationships with Latin American women, the woman would usually introduce the man to her family early on. This is so she can gauge whether her family approves of him.

In some cultures, it is the groom who shoulders the wedding expenses, while in others, it is the bride’s responsibility. In Latin America, both families plan for the wedding, and therefore, both families pay for the wedding as well.

Arranged marriages do not exist in the region. Single women and men have all the freedom to find their life partners. Typically, they begin to date under supervised circumstances, and as their culture and traditions have started, men usually give the women whom they eye as their future brides a silver-made promise ring that symbolizes their sincerity for marriage, which is worn prior to the engagement to express their serious pursuit of the relationship.

One thing to bear in mind is that no matter what nationality your bride has, the most important thing in a marriage, or in seeking love, is commitment. This is true across all marriage cultures around the globe.

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Newest, beautiful, single women now added for week of Wednesday, 22 May, 2024 - Tuesday, 28 May, 2024
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