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Love Has No Borders: How To Make International Dating Work

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International dating has a lot of pitfalls, but you can avoid them.

If you look at a topographical map of the world or a live photo of the planet, you’ll notice that there aren’t any borders. Barring natural dividers like mountain ranges and rivers, borders are, for the most part, completely made up.

These borders exist only as far as people allow them to exist. So why should you let those borders stop you from finding love?

Plenty of couples fall for each other despite being from different countries. Love isn’t an emotion that is beholden to international law. If you fall for someone from a different country, then that’s that.

But you may feel a bit of apprehension. Maybe you’ve heard horror stories about people who try their hand at international dating only to find out that the beautiful young woman they’ve been sending money to was actually a forty-year-old man.

Or maybe you’ve stories of people who marry spouses from different countries only to get left after a few years once the spouse has their permanent residency or citizenship settled.

But perhaps you’re just nervous that you won’t be able to date foreign women and make the relationship work. Perhaps the distance gives you pause. Maybe you’re worried that absence won’t make the heart grow fonder.

So how are you going to make such a relationship work? And, just as importantly, how do you make international dating work for you?

An Open Mind

The first step to making international dating work for you is to be open to it. All those horror stories you’ve heard and all that apprehension in your gut shouldn’t be ignored entirely, but you do need to put them aside.

Sure, the worst could happen. But you have to be optimistic. You have to believe in the possibility of the best outcome.

You could get burned and fail; that’s very much a possibility. But it’s equally possible that you’ll find the love of your life and end up in a satisfying relationship.

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The world is wide and your soulmate is out there.

Answered Questions

Once you’ve opened your mind up to the possibility of happiness, you have to decide what’s going to make you happy. Do you want a woman from South America? From Asia? From Europe?

And what kind of relationship do you want with this woman? If you’re dating to marry, how soon do you want to get married? What kind of wedding do you want? And what about kids? Do you want them and if so, how many?

You’ll also have to determine what you’re willing to sacrifice, and there will be sacrifice. Dating a foreign woman means that a part of your relationship will be long-distance.

How long are you willing to deal with that distance? Do you have the means to fly back and forth to each other until you can be in the same country?

These are all questions that you need to have settled before you embark on a romantic journey. Having answers will give you a clear path forward.

That is, if you want a clear path forward. You could also decide to take a chance and take whatever relationship you get into one day at a time.

Red Tape

Another issue with international dating is paperwork and the legalities involved in foreign relationships. Depending on the country your lady comes from, you may need to secure a visa for her in order to enter your country or you might need a visa to visit hers.

There’s going to be even more paperwork if you put marriage on the table. Your country may conduct extensive background checks, poking and prodding at every aspect of your relationship to determine that there’s no fraud involved.

They’re going to ask all kinds of questions, and then they’ll ask those questions again to see if they can catch you in a lie. They might even ask those questions again to make doubly sure that the relationship isn’t some ruse to get your paramour into the country.

Some people may find that level of scrutiny to be intrusive. And, it is. Government agencies sticking their nose into your private life is intrusive. But it’s also something that a man dating a foreign woman has to deal with.

You’re going to have to answer these questions consistently. Any inconsistency in your answers and you may find yourself under criminal investigation.

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You can make an international relationship work if you know how.

Luckily for you, the services that pair men up with foreign women in the first place have resources to help couples with all the paperwork and other bureaucratic red tape that may stand in their way.

Social Circles

You will eventually need to contend with the reaction of her friends and family toward her dating you. Her family may be wary of letting their daughter leave their country for some online relationship. Your family might be apprehensive of you marrying some lady from some country.

Her family might think that you’re stealing their daughter from them. Your family might think that your would-be wife is a golddigger. Both families might think that you’re rushing towards something and that the whole thing is doomed to end in heartbreak.

Those reactions are perfectly natural. These people (presumably) care about you and your paramour and they want the both of you to be happy. They’re just unsure as to whether or not the two of you will be happy together.

Unless you both plan on limiting contact with your social circles, you’re going to have to get them on board with your relationship or at least get them to hide their apprehension.

You can do this by showing them that the relationship is real and that it’s something that the both of you are serious about. You can talk to them about it, and convince them that the relationship is real.

Or you can move forward with the paperwork regardless of what they say. Going full steam ahead is a pretty good way to show people that you’re not joking around.

International dating doesn’t always work out. Cultural differences take their toll. The distance can make people forget their feelings. But there are couples who make it work.

Thousands of couples who come from different countries and cultures get married every year and they go on to build beautiful lives together. There’s no reason that you can’t be among them.

Newest, beautiful, single women now added for week of Wednesday, 17 July, 2024 - Tuesday, 23 July, 2024
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