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Heartfelt New Year’s Resolutions to Make When You’re Dating a Foreign Woman

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Your priorities need to change when you’re dating a foreign woman.

Have you ever noticed that most New Year’s resolutions you make are so you can eventually feel better about yourself? Not that there’s anything wrong with that, it’s just the nature of personal resolutions. A popular example would be to lose weight. People vow to lose weight because it just feels good to have a fit body.

But how many times do we make resolutions to make other people happy? Probably not as much. Sure, we can resolve to be better sons, daughters, employees, and so on, but these aren’t mainstream ideas.

If this is your first year dating a foreign woman, the New Year is an excellent opportunity to make a totally new set of resolutions for a change. It’s an opportunity to show her gratitude for choosing you and for giving meaning to your life. For a lot of men, dating foreign women is like being given a second chance at life.

The important thing about making resolutions for other people is that you focus on the things that matter in life. Yes, you can probably vow to buy a house or a car, but then again, you don’t really need resolve for that. So here are a few things you may want to improve on to make your foreign girlfriend feel extra loved this coming year:

Embrace your masculinity.

You already hooked her, so why do you need to make improvements? Here’s the thing, most women from traditional countries in Asia, Eastern Europe, or Latin America want men to be men. To them, decisiveness, poise, and confidence are sexy and attractive.

They don’t just expect you to be like that when you are dating, and then drop the entire act once you two are official. Similar to when you purchase a quality product with 5-star reviews, she expects you to last a lifetime.

It’s called being the man she’s always wanted. So make a resolution not to whimper out at the slightest hint of difficulty. Have the resolve to be a pillar of security in your relationship.

Learn her language.

If you don’t already speak her language, now is a time to plan for foreign language lessons. When a foreign woman loves you, she is betting her life on you. You aren’t just the flavor of the month. Rather, you are optimistically her future long-term partner.

And partners can’t work well unless they communicate clearly. If, for example, she is from Colombia, then you would probably work best if you at least spoke a bit of Spanish. If she is making the sacrifice of speaking English, her second language, to you daily, then you can return the favor by speaking in her native tongue.

But that doesn’t just do wonders for your relationship as a couple, it helps so much when you travel around her home country, and when you need to ingratiate yourself further with her family and friends.

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Don’t make your New Year’s resolutions only about you.

Learn to cook her kind of food.

Probably one of the most romantic things a man can do for his woman is to make her a delicious home-cooked dinner. And if you can serve that in a dimly lit room with rose petals and scented candles, then all the better.

But it’s not enough to stick to your usual hotdogs and burgers. Instead, look up recipes for food from her home country.

Imagine the surprise on your Filipino girlfriend’s face when she sees you’ve prepared a lovely plate of adobo. Or your Ukrainian girlfriend when you serve her a hearty bowl of borscht.

And whether you get the recipe down is an afterthought. It’s your intentions that matter.

Be sensitive to her journey.

In most cases of cross-national relationships, it’s the woman who uproots herself to be with the man in his home country. For example, your Mexican girlfriend will have had to leave everything behind in Mexico to be with you in the United States.

While many foreign women prefer this setup as they see Western countries as lands of opportunity, it doesn’t make their sacrifice and journey any less difficult.

She will have to adapt to your country, your culture, your language, and your way of living. The best thing you can do is be with her in her journey, understand the difficulties she is going through, and show her you care.

Align your goals.

You’ve probably asked yourself “Should I marry a foreign woman?” But have you ever stopped to think of whether she’s asked herself the same thing?

This woman is with you for a reason - because she wants you to be part of her future. Foreign women value being with a man and having a family as desirable life goals. Many as a matter of fact are willing to sacrifice their personal careers and ambitions if it means they have to be there to raise their children and fulfill domestic duties in the home.

Understand what matters to your foreign girlfriend in the long run. Make it a resolution to be on the same page.

Make an effort to know her family more.

But isn’t this the duty of any boyfriend ever? You may have breathed a sigh of relief when she decided to come with you to your country. It probably meant that you would never have to deal with her family. And truth be told, that happens quite often.

But make the effort to build a relationship with her parents, siblings, and friends. Family is big in traditional cultures. For her, family could mean everything. If it’s important for her, then it should be important for you.

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She’s facing a new world. Be with her every step of the way.

Don’t make promises you can’t keep.

Last but not least, don’t make promises you know you can’t keep. People like to talk a big game when they’re dating. A lot of times, a man promises the woman the world just to reel her in. And when he does reel her in, he ditches all that big talk and goes back to his old selfish selves.

Not you. She promised to be with you, she gave you her heart, and she meant it. Be honest about who you are and what you can give, even if all you can offer her is loyalty, honesty, and hard work.

So this New Year’s Eve, make resolutions that matter. Who knows? She’s probably making a promise to herself that she will be everything that makes you happy and more.

Newest, beautiful, single women now added for week of Wednesday, 5 June, 2024 - Tuesday, 11 June, 2024
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