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Your First Valentine’s Day as a Couple

A couple staring at each other.
Make your first Valentine’s date as a couple memorable.

While the rest of the world highly anticipates Valentine’s Day, new couples feel the most pressure. If this is your first time celebrating the day as a couple, you may be racking your brain thinking of what to do.

Sure, you may know about each other’s favorite things, food, and songs, but trying to come up with a decision on where to go and dine on V-day can feel like work. And the fact that you met through online dating and only gone on a date or two does not help your conundrum.

Celebrating your first Valentine’s Day together is a great deal. You want it to be memorable. That said, you need to put your best foot forward and get creative.

You’re dating a foreign woman, so you need to man up and show her your prince-like side. To help you, below is a cheat sheet about the important things you need to keep in mind when celebrating your first Valentine’s with foreign women:

Don’t overthink.

You’d end up extremely overwhelmed and stressed out on V-day if you overthink things. Although it’s a meaningful celebration for your relationship, it isn’t the most important aspect of your partnership either.

Overthinking is a mood killer. It can drag down your excitement. Instead of having fun, you feel the opposite way. The more you see it as a chore, the more you are likely to end up disappointing each other.

Think deep and turn your attention to the bigger things in your relationship. After all, V-day is only an excuse to spend time together and treat yourselves to a great date. You can do that any time of the year, so don’t pressure yourself too much in delivering a jaw-dropping Valentine’s surprise date. Remember that simple surprises from the heart are much better than over-the-top superficial gifts.

Talk about your expectations.

As a new couple, you may not exactly know about each other’s take on the holiday, and this explains why it’s a lot better to sit down and talk about your views, experiences, and expectations.

Most importantly, be honest about what you both think to avoid miscommunication. Talk about your opposing opinions so you won’t ruin each other’s holiday as well.

Who knows, you may not be too fond of celebrating the holiday itself, while she’s out there eagerly waiting for your box of chocolate. So be sure to clear this one out.

Choose a place.

When your relationship is new, you dream of taking her on fancy dinner dates and going on a romantic cruise to the Caribbean. And yes, you don’t have to feel bad about feeling this way because it’s understandable.

Heart-shaped balloons.
What should you expect for your first Valentine's date?

But the thing is, there’s always a right time for these kinds of dates. But for a new couple like you, it’s best to take things slowly.

If you’re on the same wavelength about celebrating the holiday, choose a place where you can enjoy doing an activity together and where there are more people around, to avoid those awkward moments on your date.

Avoid overspending.

To say that gift-giving is common on V-day would be an understatement. Over the past decades, people have made it a part of their routine to give gifts to their partners, loved ones, and friends.

Because of this, many people flock to buy chocolates, flowers, cakes, stuffed toys, cards, and other common holiday gifts on the 14th, to the extent that even the most costly gifts that come to mind are given.

But if it’s your first time together, you may not want to go overboard on spending. You see, you have to make sure that your gift matches the level of your intimacy and relationship.

Giving her something valuable and extravagant may give her the wrong impression, and buying her something ordinary may make her think you didn’t put much thought into it. The bottom line is, get her something that you know she’d like, and a gift that comes from your heart.

Don’t compare.

You may think that long-term couples have a better Valentine’s celebration than you. But even so, this is not a reason to compare what you see on social media and everyone else around you.

If you visit a public park, avoid staring at couples sharing ice cream or giving glances to that man who received that luxury watch you so longed to have. Valentine’s Day is a reminder of your love and happiness of being with each other, and your focus should be on you and your partner alone.

A couple hugging each other.
Win the hearts of foreign women this Valentine's by being sincere.

Depending on how you want to celebrate the holiday, appreciate what’s in front of you because it is yours to have in the first place.

Start a Valentine’s Day tradition.

The main upside of being a new couple is celebrating Valentine’s on a blank slate, which means you’re free to do anything you want to, and that includes starting your own holiday tradition!

Come up with a good plan for your Valentine’s date and make it a tradition by repeating it year after year. You can choose to dine at the same gourmet restaurant or spend the day at your favorite coffee shop as you talk and bond over dessert.

There is no limit to a meaningful celebration. And this is what you need to remember.

It doesn’t have to be romantic.

You don’t necessarily have to show up at her front door wearing a tux just because it’s the day of hearts. Rather, you can celebrate the holiday by doing something meaningful together.

You don’t need to go over the top. Keep it simple, fun, and memorable. You can visit the library, drop by the museum, visit a dollar store, or grab a quick bite at a fast-food place.

As long as you’re glad to be spending the day with each other, you’ll find that there are a ton of Valentine’s date ideas you can choose from.

A Real Celebration

Thinking of what to do for your first Valentine’s Day together doesn’t have to be a stressful thing. Make every moment of your holiday count by seeing and knowing what you need to prioritize.

Keep in mind that Valentine’s Day is only a single mark on the calendar, and you have 364 more to make her happy and feel loved.

Newest, beautiful, single women now added for week of Wednesday, 5 June, 2024 - Tuesday, 11 June, 2024
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