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Build INSTANT Rapport with Your First Interaction | Online Dating Tips

A photo of two people enjoying each other’s company.
Communicate and establish instant rapport with someone.

It is a calm day and your mind has wandered. Until you have thought of how it feels to be on a date with someone you find interesting. Amusing, isn't it?

So here you are, planning on how to make it memorable. From meeting in a romantic restaurant serenaded with dreamy music while sipping a glass of lavish champagne to having an extreme adventure, you have it.

But, how do you know if the connection in your mind is real - a question that nobody can give a concrete answer to.

Building instant rapport is absolutely crucial in dating someone. The fact that it is your first time meeting the person, your knees are shaking because you do not know how to start the conversation. Your lips are zipped like you’ve forgotten how to even speak.

Even your shoulders are trembling, like you’re carrying heavy luggage. The experience is indeed a roller coaster ride because you need to sense the different episodes.

This experience is still similar to meeting someone on a dating app. Regardless that it feels like you are more than miles away, the time you see the face of the person on screen, the nervousness consumes you. There are numerous things to consider just to maintain connection with the person you are communicating with.

The moment you spend time conversing with someone, you start evaluating how to get along with it - the need to consistently respond. You could really feel the frustrations of improving the compatibility.

Currently, most single people are linked to some popular dating websites and applications and set up their online dating profiles. The primary reason why they have their profiles on these sites and apps is to seek for someone whose goal is a long term relationship. It just seems as if this is a common denominator among users.

A photo of two people showing no attachment.
Your body language speaks more than what your mouth can spill.

The majority of online users have different perspectives on how rapport is built, especially to those new to virtual dating. There is no physical touch and you cannot even read the body language. Safe to say, you can’t build a connection just like that. Because of this varied views about bond, a corpus of articles and blogs can be seen and read on the net. Talking about it with our friends even has contrasting versions.

Confusing, right?

It may sound frustrating, but neither of the two contexts, dating in person or online, can change the fact that building rapport is never an easy move.

Tips on building instant rapport during your first interaction

If you happen to prepare for an online date, one thing to keep in mind is the connection between you and your date. You may be wondering about online dating etiquette for you to manage the tension you feel inside. Read on to the following online dating tips so that it will be easy for you to make the first move to the person you are dating.

Here are the tips to forming instant togetherness.

Be genuine and honest

It is essential that when you are trying to build a connection with someone, you always show and tell who you really are. The idea of acting who you really are does not lead you to any complications in the future when the communication goes through.

Never use fake profile pictures online to impress someone. Never fake your compliments to the person for them to feel better. Never make your smile fictitious just to let the person that you are enjoying.

Honesty is the element for strong connection to the person. Everybody deserves it. Letting the person feel your honesty gives them the idea that you are having a good intention and nothing else. So, open your real life and feel easy to connect.

Show interest

It's always tricky to tell if a person genuinely wants to know you more. It is also considered the trickiest part of dating, especially consistency is not present in the course of knowing someone.

Sometimes, you may feel being brushed off. Meaning if you are currently dating someone, always make sure that you are giving them constant effort. Just like, scheduling a date every Friday and Saturday.

Just like in any other important events and gatherings, you need to pay attention during dates. With this, you would be able to learn a few of the person’s hobbies, likes, and fascinations. Maintain your pleasure in knowing the person well.

Reply quickly

Responding to messages faster makes the other person feel like you're genuinely interested. The next time both of you text/ message each other, make sure to respond immediately.

It cannot be denied that every human has priorities and responsibilities to accomplish. So, there is a chance of not responding right away to a message regardless of who the message comes from. But if you are in the dating stage, inform the person that you are doing an important thing and you will get back to them. Updating is better than explaining why.

A photo of a couple exhibiting what love is.
Ending with the person you truly love makes you hope for a long term relationship.

Ask questions

One basic principle in communication is to ask questions so that the conversation continues all throughout the course of time. The problem now is that you might have forgotten the art of questioning. Yes, questioning is an art to practice. This ability allows the person to throw interesting queries that can provoke the person to talk more. In short, never ask close-ended questions because that is when dull moments occur. Apparently, you would not love that.

You may ask the childhood memories of your date so that they can also share about their past. If you want to focus on the present time, ask how the person is doing in their lives. Asking also their plans and their dreams and sharing yours, too, can be a few of the great tips for online dating conversations. So, think outside the box.

Make the person smile

Life has been so uncertain. Countless situations in life make it complicated. After all, life is still beautiful and there are many good reasons to smile. Yet, imagine that other people smile because of you? Does it feel amazing?

During dates, it is important that both of you are enjoying each other’s company which can be seen when both of you wear your mesmerizing smiles. Essentially, you can be a good source of the person's smile. The time you compliment, it feels differently to them. Stating witty responses can also be the cause of their grin. As long as you are given the chance to express how excited you are being with the person, feel free to do such.

Figure out your common denominator

The moment you have spent longer times with the person during your countless bonds together, you can eventually figure out what makes you compatible with each other. There is no force. It freely happens. That makes your connection stronger. Yes, it takes time and it is okay. The time you have shared together online will someday result in a deeper connection when both of you decide to meet in person.

Know Your Purpose.

Joining online dating is never an effortless move. You can never get the connection you long for if you are too narrow to decipher the complexities of the virtual dating environment. If only, determine your reasons why you are engaging in online dating. It always starts there. The path you are about to take will always be in accordance to your target. From there, you can find out how to do online dating successfully.

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